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"The words “dry needling” sounded scary, particularly the prospect of someone sticking needles in my neck. But the minute I met Heidi I relaxed as she made sure she understood my neck pain and then clearly explained how she was going to help. I barely felt any needles! It felt more like someone was massaging my neck. And when I sat up, the greater range of motion in my neck was amazing. As a bonus, Heidi provided and demonstrated several stretching exercises to avoid a recurrence of my problem. Don’t be a coward like me. Try dry needling!"

- Ken G

"Before I saw Heidi, I was in a tremendous amount of pain. She gently evaluated my upper back and shoulder area to determine the root cause of my issue. I left the first appointment feeling a bit better physically and very empowered to do the right things at home to expedite healing. Heidi used dry needling, exercises, and targeted massage to get me back to triathon training in a few weeks. I am impressed with her expertise, listening skills, willingness to work with my schedule in terms of homework, and the course of treatment. I recommend seeing Heidi for any PT needs."

- Hillary H

"I have arthritis in both my knees, which sometimes becomes very painful and my muscles tighten up. Thanks to Heidi and her knowledge of dry needling she released my tightness and gave relief and mobility back to me. That was about 13 months ago, I am walking about 2 miles everyday and feel fantastic!  Dry needling has been the answer for me."

- Patricia S

"Heidi is, hands down, the best physical therapist I’ve ever had! I was struggling with plantar fasciitis, and Heidi was able to relieve my pain and help me recover.


She’s also a really good person with a great bedside manner."

- Pam H

- John W

“Heidi assisted me through the necessary therapy for rotator cuff surgery.  She is thorough, knowledgeable, and a very caring therapist.   She lead me through a challenging recovery to the point my shoulder was stronger than before the surgery.   I highly recommend Heidi for any physical therapy needs.”  

"Heidi Smith helped me through a ruptured Achilles tendon repair. She is a kind and loving person and never pushes you beyond your tolerance. She has also helped me with another problem needing PT. I highly recommend her!"

- Richard N

- Erin R

Heidi is fantastic! I’ve been a runner for 18 years, and had never understood the importance of proper strength training. After injuring my calf and hamstring, she gave me the tools I needed to help myself heal and succeed as a runner. She was always patient and explained every exercise thoroughly so I could do them correctly at home. Not only did she help with my running injuries, but she also helped fix a previous back injury that I’d been struggling with for years. So grateful to have found Heidi! She’s an incredibly knowledgeable Physical Therapist that truly cares about her work and patients. 

"My story to pass on is this: Two knee replacements in under 2 years was ONLY possible because of your care and dedication in showing me I could and would recover better than before the surgeries. I had days when I so didn’t want to come to therapy but your amazing personality and honestly the friendship we formed help as much as the bikes ( which you know I hated) in my overall rehab experience!!

I can not express how grateful I was to be in your capable hands!!

Thank you... 1 year later I am still “team Heidi” and only wish you all the best!!"

- Terri W

"Heidi is an exceptional physical therapist who helped resolve my plantar fasciitis with dry needling. She is very knowledgeable and tailors the treatment toward your personal needs. She goes out of her way to provide excellent care in a compassionate manner. I really enjoyed working with her and will seek out her services in the future if I have any other injuries requiring physical therapy.” 

- Laura N

- Barbara B

"My experience with Heidi in providing physical therapy for a broken arm was exceptional. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and also well versed in general health, nutrition and wellness.  Heidi is very intuitive and empathetic, traits that also contribute to her success.  I not only had a great therapist, I was fortunate to also make a friend!  I would highly recommend Heidi as a best in class physical therapist!"

"When I first visited Heidi, I had been dealing with chronic neck pain, tingling in my right arm and hand and a newer shoulder injury. I was unable to even hold open a door with the affected arm and when I drove my car, I had trouble checking my blindspot because it was painful to turn my neck. I noticed right away that Heidi is calm, thoughtful and a very attentive listener. Her hands and demeanor are gentle but very effective. After the first dry needling session, I walked away able to turn my neck with minimal discomfort if any. She applies a combination of techniques including dry needling, gradual muscle strengthening, posture training, massage to treat injuries. It has been about 6 months since my last therapy session and I am happy to report my arm tingling is rare, my shoulder remains healed and strong. Heidi has been a wonderful physical therapist and I could not have asked for more."

- Mrinalini J

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