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Physical Therapy the way it should be...
Custom tailored to you by a skilled and compassionate physical therapist. 

New Service - now offering pelvic floor muscle training



    I started this company because our current healthcare system has made it difficult for passionate, skilled physical therapists to practice the way they want with a focus more on quality rather than quantity. I want to provide the most ethical and responsible skilled physical therapy possible. Meaning more effective treatments in less visits to save you money. With 15 years of experience and continued training, I very much love the art of helping others and the science of movement. Movement is key and when pain inhibits movement, I can help. If I cannot solve your problem completely, I am dedicated to finding you the best next step or person who can help. Having worked in the Lake Norman Area since 2012, I have developed a network of providers, trainers, coaches, nutritionists, and massage therapists that I know and trust.

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